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Updated: Jul 9

Answers to some of the most common questions about points and miles!

Earning points

Do I need to constantly signup for new credit cards?

How much money do I need to spend to earn enough points for one flight?

What about paying interest?

Will it hurt my credit score?

How do authorized users work?

What about all the annual fees?

If I get an airline card, can it only be used to make purchases with that airline?

Using Points

Can I transfer my airline miles to another airline?

Do I need to have points in an airline account to search for award flights?

How do I transfer credit card points to an airline?

There’s currently a transfer bonus for an airline I might fly in the future – should I go ahead and transfer points now?

Do I search the website of the airline operating the flight?

Is every flight available to book with points and miles?

Why are the taxes/fees so high on a flight I’ve found?

Should I search for one way or roundtrip award flights?

What about paying cash for economy and then upgrading?


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