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Transfer Partner Simplifier

Use this tool to determine which programs to search through based on the type of points you want to use and the airline you want to fly!

Before you begin... 

Points and Miles 101 FAQs | How to Transfer Points​​

  • Use to determine the airlines you can fly to any destination (the Premium version is worth the $2.99/month!)

  • For a quick reference, we have Transfer Partner Tables that you can download/save!

  • This tool is completely free to use, but if you've found it helpful and would like to show support, anything added to the Tip Jar is greatly appreciated! You can also support us by downloading the Travel Freely app through this link and using it to apply for your next card (best offer guaranteed!)

  • All transfer ratios are 1000:1000 unless otherwise noted. US-based card programs only.

Select the type of points you want to use...

amex logo.webp
American Express Membership Rewards
bilt logo square.png
Bilt Rewards
capital one logo.png
Capital One Venture Miles
chase logo icon_edited.jpg
Chase Ultimate Rewards
citi logo square_edited.jpg
Citi ThankYou Points

Some notes... 

  • This tool covers 98% of all airlines and booking options. If you're looking to fly an airline not listed here, send us a DM on Instagram and we'll try to help you out!

  • If a transfer partner is listed as an option to book a specific airline, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good option. The programs linked to how-to guides are generally the best/easiest to use, but there are plenty of great deals that can be booked through the others! A few programs you can probably ignore are AeroMexico, Eva Air Infinity MileageLands, TAP Miles&Go, and Thai Royal Orchid Plus. That's not to say it's impossible to book good deals through these programs...they're just very difficult to use!

  • Remember: just because a program *can* book flights operated by an airline, that doesn't mean you *will* be able to book that airline for your route, date, class of service, etc. The operating airline has to make the award "seats" available for the partner to book!

  • If you've found an error or omission, please send us a DM so we can get it corrected!

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