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Air Canada Aeroplan Guide

Updated: Apr 2

Transfer points from:

Book flights operated by:

  • Star Alliance member airlines

  • Etihad

  • Emirates

  • Bamboo Airways

  • Vistara

  • Gulf Air

  • Oman Air

(also one of the only programs that can book Singapore business class)

Note: As of September 2023, some partner flights are not showing up on the Aeroplan website, even if available to book with points. We recommend searching for these flights through a partner program like United (note that only "Saver" awards and Star Alliance partner airlines are bookable by Aeroplan) and then calling Aeroplan to book once you've found the availability.

Pricing structure:

  • Dynamic pricing for itineraries that include Air Canada or Emirates flights

  • Zone + distance pricing for itineraries operated entirely by partner airlines (Aeroplan award chart)

Sample One Way Rates from US (partner airlines only):

  • Europe: 35-40k economy / 60-90k business

  • Asia: 30-50k economy / 75-110k business

  • Middle East, Africa, India: 40-70k economy / 70-110k business

  • Australia, New Zealand: 50-60k economy / 75-87.5k business


  • No fuel surcharges passed on from partner airlines

  • 39 CAD partner booking fee per ticket

  • Up to 100 CAD for changes, up to 150 CAD for cancellations/points redeposit

  • 25 CAD or 2,500 point lap infant fee + taxes

Best uses:

  • Star Alliance flights worldwide

  • United within North America

  • Stopovers

  • Singapore Airlines business class

  • United/Copa/Avianca to Central/South America

How to search and book:

Step 1: Create an Aeroplan account

This isn't required to search, but it makes the process a little easier. You will need to have an Aeroplan account setup to transfer points, and there have been reports that the transfer will be delayed or the booking will fail if the account is less than 24 hours old.

Step 2: Enter search details on Air Canada home page

The site is pretty straightforward to use! Simply check the "Book with points" option on the search form. Since partner flights will have the best rates, and they'll be set based on distance, searching one way at a time is best! Note: the first time you search with points, you may be prompted to be taken to the "Canadian edition" of the website. Accept that prompt to continue.

Step 3: Review results

The partner flight operated by TAP Portugal has the best rates - only 60k + 76 CAD in business class! The itinerary via Toronto (YYZ) includes Air Canada flights, so the pricing is dynamic/variable based on demand - 164k points! You almost always want to book partner flights through Aeroplan.

Note: the site now shows a 5 day calendar at the top of the results page. This can sometimes be helpful to see availability on various dates, but we've found it to be unreliable and recommend checking each date.

Step 4: Select flight

After clicking inside the box that shows 60K for the TAP flight on the previous step, you'll see options like this. Generally, the "Lowest Reward" is the best option. An extra 14k points to save the 150 CAD / 111 USD cancellation fee probably isn't worth it!

Step 5: Select pricing option

This page sometimes trips people up! The "popular" option definitely isn't the best option! You want to select the rate that matches the results on the previous page. The 48K + $310 CAD option is essentially buying 12K points and the 67,530 points option is using points to pay for the taxes at a very poor rate!

Step 6: Finalize booking

At this point, you have confirmed the flight availability and are ready to transfer your points to book. Transfers to Aeroplan are instant in most cases, but you usually have to sign out and back in to see the updated points balance in your account. Once the points post, search for the flight again and go through the booking process - it's pretty straightforward!

BONUS: Adding a stopover

Aeroplan allows you to add a stopover for up to 45 days along your route for just 5k extra points per passenger. This is a huge savings vs booking two separate flights, and you can come up with a lot of creative itineraries!

On the search form, select the "Multi-city/Stopover" option, and then choose your final destination, stopover city, and length of stopover.

TIP: it's usually easiest to search separately for one way flights on either side of the stopover to find the availability first, and then search with the stopover option. The website sometimes doesn't show all of the results that it should when searching with stopovers, so you will need to call Aeroplan to book in a situation like that.

With this feature, you can fly Boston-Lisbon, stop for 3 days, and then continue on to Madrid - all for only 65K points in business class! Booked separately, these flights would be 80k points!


Earn lots of points to transfer to Aeroplan with these great offers:

Chase Sapphire Preferred

60,000 Ultimate Rewards Points

after $4,000 in the first 3 months

$95 annual fee

3x on dining, supermarkets, gas stations, flights, hotels


American Express Gold

75,000 Membership Rewards Points

after $4,000 in the first 6 months

$250 annual fee

4x at restaurants and supermarkets, 3x on flights


Capital One Venture

75,000 Capital One Venture Miles

after $4,000 in the first 3 months

$95 annual fee

2x on everything


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