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Air France/KLM Flying Blue Guide

Updated: Feb 12

Transfer points from:

Book flights operated by:

  • SkyTeam member airlines

  • Japan Airlines

  • Copa Airlines

Pricing structure:

  • Dynamic/variable for Air France and KLM flights

  • Distance-based pricing for all other itineraries


  • Fuel surcharges passed on (reduced fuel surcharges for Virgin Atlantic-operated flights)

  • Higher departure taxes for flights departing Europe

  • 50 EUR for change/cancellation/redeposit

Best uses:

  • Air France, KLM, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, and Air Europa flights to Europe

  • Delta flights within North America

  • China Airlines flights to Southeast Asia

  • ITA Airways to Rome and Milan

How to search and book:

Step 1: Create a Flying Blue account

This is required to search, and you will need to have an Flying Blue account setup to transfer points.

Step 2: Download the Air France app

The desktop site for the US tends to be very glitchy and difficult to use. The app is much faster (though it does have it's glitches, too).

After downloading the app, login using your Flying Blue account details.

Step 3: Begin a search with miles

Select the "Buy now" tab and then toggle ON the "Use my Miles" option.

Ignore the "Not enough Miles" warning. The "From" rate is also often inaccurate - the rates can be much lower than what's displayed!

If you'd like to book flights for someone else and you're not traveling, press the "add passenger" button and choose the number of adults or children. Tap "continue" and then remove yourself from the booking by tapping the "X" next to your name.

Step 4: Select date

One way at a time will be the best way to search. There is no discount for roundtrip bookings. The app makes it pretty easy to scroll through different dates once you get to the results page.

Step 5: Review results

If you searched for 2 or more passengers, the results will show the one way TOTAL rate for ALL passengers. Select a flight to then choose a fare (the one that matches the rate in the search results is usually best). Also, the tabs at the top don't always accurately reflect the lowest rate, so be sure to check each one!

Step 6: Finalize booking

At this point, you have confirmed the flight availability and are ready to transfer your points to book. Transfers to Flying Blue are instant in most cases, but you usually have to sign out and back in to see the updated points balance in your account. Once the points post, search for the flight again and go through the booking process - it's pretty straightforward! If you feel more comfortable using the desktop site to finalize the booking, you can do that! It's just when you do multiple searches on the desktop site that you encounter the most errors (though it has improved recently).

BONUS: Promo Rewards and Child Fares

Each month, Flying Blue releases a list of cities that are included in Promo Rewards. These deals offer 25-50% off - which can get you crazy good deals like US to Europe for 11k in economy. It varies by date and final destination, so you sometimes have to do some experimenting with different cities to find the best deals. The Promo Reward fares will be clearly labeled as shown in the above examples.

Another great feature about Flying Blue is that children ages 2-11 receive a 25% discount for award tickets on Air France or KLM flights when traveling with an adult. Simply add the number of children traveling to the passenger list when searching and the results will automatically reflect the discount in the total!


Earn lots of points to transfer to Flying Blue with these great offers:

Citi Premier

60,000 ThankYou Points

after $4,000 in the first 3 months

$95 annual fee

3x on dining, supermarkets, gas stations, flights, hotels


American Express Gold

90,000 Membership Rewards Points

after $6,000 in the first 6 months

$250 annual fee

4x at restaurants and supermarkets, 3x on flights


Capital One Venture

75,000 Capital One Venutre Miles

after $4,000 in the first 3 months

$95 annual fee

2x on everything


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