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British Airways Executive Club Guide

Updated: Feb 12

Transfer points from:

*transfer to Qatar Privilege Club first then combine Avios with a British Airways account (see bottom of this post)

Book flights operated by:

  • OneWorld member airlines

  • Aer Lingus


  • JetBlue (via transfer to Qatar)

Pricing structure:

  • Set rates with peak/off-peak dates for Aer Lingus, Iberia, and Qatar Airways flights (priced by individual segment)

  • Distance-based pricing for all other itineraries


  • Fuel surcharges passed on (significant fuel surcharges for British Airways -operated flights)

  • 55 USD for change/cancellation/redeposit (sometimes waived if taxes are less than $55)

Best uses:

  • American Airlines and Alaska Airlines flights within North America

  • Aer Lingus flights to/from Dublin

  • Iberia flights to/from Madrid

  • Qatar Airways flights worldwide

How to search and book:

Step 1: Create an Executive Club account

This is required to search, and you will need to have an Executive Club account setup to transfer points.

Step 2: Navigate to the Avios booking page

In the menu, click "Book" then "Book a flight with Avios"

Step 3: Enter search details

Under the "Book with Avios" tab, input the search details. Since the pricing is set based on distance and/or zones, one way at a time is best.

Ignore the "check reward flight availability option". Instead, click "get flights" at the bottom.

If you receive an error that reads: "British Airways and its partners do not fly this route", it's likely that you searched too far into the future for some airlines. The British Airways booking window goes out to 354 days before departure, but airlines like American only release seats 331 days before departure.

Step 4: Review results

Available flights will display one day at a time in the tabbed calendar. The "flights available" indicator is not always accurate, so you usually have to tediously check each date. Selecting a flight and class of service will then display the rate options.

The primary rate that appears is generally best, though you can consider the "more pricing options" if you're short on points. It all depends on how much cash you're willing to pay!

The above example for an Iberia-operated flight shows set pricing based on zones (these are generally the best redemptions). A British Airways-operated itinerary (below) will be significantly most expensive - both in points and fees.

American Airlines and Alaska Airlines flights are priced based on distance, so flights within North America are the best deals with those airlines.

It can be difficult to find American and Alaska flights available to book through British Airways, so we recommend using Expert Flyer to find availability.

Step 6: Finalize booking

At this point, you have confirmed the flight availability and are ready to transfer your points to book. Transfers to Executive Club are instant in most cases, but you usually have to sign out and back in to see the updated points balance in your account. Once the points post, search for the flight again and go through the booking process - it's pretty straightforward!

BONUS: Combining points between Avios programs

You usually can't transfer points and miles between different airlines, but this is an exception. Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, and Qatar Airways (and soon Finnair) all use the Avios award system. This allows Avios to be instantly transferred between each airline.

There's a few situations where this is helpful:

  • Qatar Airways requires you to have Avios in your account to search

  • Qatar Airways opens up bookings earlier than British Airways, so you have an earlier chance at getting coveted Qsuite redemptions.

  • Aer Lingus has lower surcharges when booking through their site vs British Airways

  • The peak/off-peak calendars differ between British Airways and Iberia

  • Qatar Airways is able to book flights operated by JetBlue

To combine Avios, you'll need to have an account setup with each airline program. Make sure the name, contact information, etc. matches exactly between all accounts.

Move Avios to Qatar Airways

  1. Create a Qatar Airways Privilege Club account and sign-in

  2. Select the "Link my Accounts" option on the Privilege Club dashboard

  3. Login to your British Airways account when prompted and complete the security verification procedures

  4. Once linked, click the "View my Avios Balance" option on the Dashboard.

  5. Scroll to the "Combine Avios" button (in the "More to Explore" section)

  6. Select the amount of Avios you want in each account by typing the number in the relevant field and finalize by clicking "Move my Avios"

Avios can be moved back and forth instantly as many times as you would like.

Move Avios to Aer Lingus (

  1. Create an Aer Club account

  2. Go to and login with your Aer Club information

  3. Click "Manage my account"

  4. Click "Combine my Avios"

  5. Select the relevant program (British Airways or Iberia) in the "Select your porgramme" drop down menu and login using your details for the select program

  6. Select which way you want to transfer and enter the amount

  7. Confirm transfer

Move Avios to Iberia

This one is the most difficult of all three. Iberia has the following requirements to move Avios into an Iberia Plus account:

  • Iberia Plus account must be active for at least three months

  • Account must have some qualifying earning activity (earning from flying, buying points, or transferring points from a credit card partner)

There are reports that these requirements are waived if you call Iberia customer service to combine your Avios.

Once your account is eligible to combine Avios, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Iberia Plus account

  2. Click on your name in the upper right for a dropdown menu and select "Your Iberia Plus"

  3. Click the "Avios" tab on the left and then "Manage Avios"

  4. Scroll down to "Combine Avios"

  5. Select British Airways from the "Select your programme" menu and enter your British Airways login information

  6. Review the amount of Avios you want to transfer and the direction and then submit


Earn lots of points to transfer to British Airways with these great offers:

Chase Sapphire Preferred

60,000 Ultimate Rewards Points

after $4,000 in the first 3 months

$95 annual fee

3x on dining, 2x on travel


American Express Gold

75,000 Membership Rewards Points

after $4,000 in the first 6 months

$250 annual fee

4x at restaurants and supermarkets, 3x on flights


Capital One Venture

75,000 Capital One Venture Miles

after $4,000 in the first 3 months

$95 annual fee

2x on everything



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