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Current Transfer Bonuses

Updated: Apr 2

Updated April 2, 2024

Transferring points can get you some incredible deals, and that can be taken to the next level when there's a transfer bonus!

Transfer bonuses are simple. For a limited time, you will receive an additional percentage of extra points when you transfer to certain airline programs. So if there's a 30% transfer bonus to British Airways and a flight is 13,000 points to book through British Airways, you only need to transfer 10,000 points from your bank account (you'll receive 13,000 in the British Airways account).

IMPORTANT: never transfer points just because there's a transfer bonus! Make sure you've found a flight through the airline program that you're ready to book! Transfers are a one way street and you can't get them back into your bank account once the transfer has been initiated. You don't want points "stranded" in an airline account when you could end up using them for a better deal through another airline!

American Express Membership Rewards

  • Etihad Guest - 20% bonus (*targeted*) - ends April 4, 2024

Capital One Venture Miles

Chase Ultimate Rewards

Citi ThankYou Points



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